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Renovation plan for a private sauna.

The sauna is not simply a sauna for relaxation, but a co-working sauna where working and relaxing in the sauna are seamlessly connected.


Normally, in such a project, it is common to clearly divide the working area and the resting area, and to zonate them on a flat surface so as to connect them.

However, what was sought this time was a space where people can think while taking a rest or thinking while taking a sauna.

The idea for this project, however, was to create a gradational relationship between work and sauna, as if one were thinking while in the sauna or thinking while taking a break.


The black painted walls are finished with blackboard paint so that people can write down ideas that come to them while in the sauna.

The lower part, which must be waterproof, is finished with gray tiles, and the finish is switched at a height of 720 mm from the floor.

In addition, the tile-finished part of the changing room has a detail that is pulled 50 mm away from the black wall surface, creating a shift in the entry corner of the room and a subtle shift in the air volume.

On the other hand, the sauna room and shower room each have large windows, so that the entire room can be viewed from any location, making the whole space feel as if it is one.


In the standing position, the body is intended to work in the black area.

In a seated position, the body sinks into the gray area for the purpose of rest.

This space, decoratively emphasized by the finishes, is a contradiction in terms: it is a place for different actions in succession.

I aimed to create a space that is one room, yet the meaning of the space changes depending on the stance of the body.


Principal use :Sauna

Category : Renovation

Construction area : 24.73 m2

Design and Supervision :  SAUNaiDEA : Suguru Fukuda

Construction:Arai kensetsu

Design Period: 2022.02. - 2022.09.

Construction Period: 2022.11. -2023.02

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